Chloe de Buyl-Pisco

Director - Dancer - Aerialist - Researcher - Theoretician

Chloé de Buyl-Pisco is a director, choreographer, dancer, Aerialist, theoretician and completing her masters by research at Stockholm University of the Arts in Sweden, where she also teaches creation tools for circus artists and directing. Her fields of interest in writing / research include: neuro- sociology, feminism, physics, social sciences and philosophy. As an artistic researcher she is currently conducting the “Oxytocin Project“. Oxytocin is our empathy, compassion, love, connection, trust and bonding neurotransmitter. She is developing a full length LIVE experiential artwork based on the theories and data quoted in her paper: “The Oxytociniergic solutions for human systems and creative applicability”. This piece will be called "Save the 5 % - Empathy for Psychopaths"

Image credit : MAX PLANK Institute of ASTROPHYSICS for the Millenium run

Three years ago she also began tacit practice lead research with non-verbal communication with other oxytocin producing mammals, in this case underwater dancing with wild humpback whales for 7 weeks total in Australia and Tonga.

Image credit: Villiami Wight Tonga

She is also the new representative for the global "Women in Circus Network".

Image credit : Noukka Signe